Best Beginnings Scholarships

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Best Beginnings Application (parts A through C)

Best Beginnings Application (parts D through H), Supplemental Info

You can begin the process of enrolling by clicking the link below. It will take you to the online portal to apply for the Best Beginnings Scholarship! The co-payment calculator on the site does not necessarily reflect our fees because we offer half day services, so, people need to actually apply to see if they qualify.

Best Beginnings Scholarship Portal

The CYC program has changed throughout the past few years… We discontinued our charter with the Boys and Girls Club, we moved locations, and we changed fees for our services. Unfortunately, recent funding sources ‘fell through’ for the CYC; therefore, we have to charge $8/half-day (after school services) and $16/full day for many non-scheduled school days (PIR, Spring Break, etc.) The Best Beginnings Scholarships may help cover some or most of the fees for the CYC. Find out if you qualify, by signing up through this link!

Best Beginnings Scholarship Portal