CYC Starts September 11, 2017!







CYC Membership App SY 2017-2018

The Community Youth Center program operates under the Anaconda Family Resource Center, located at 520 Oak Street, Anaconda, MT. The CYC operates as an after school program for all school aged children.

This is how it works!

1.       3:30pm – After school, the bus drives children from Lincoln and Fred Moodry to our center.

2.       3:45pm – We serve a healthy snack.

3.       4:00pm – The kids then have a choice to do their homework or a community service activity for 30 minutes.

4.       4:30pm – We have an hour long activity; for example, science projects, art classes, photography classes, etc.

5.       5:30pm – We serve a healthy dinner.

6.       6:00pm – The children have free time until 6:30.



Details for School Year 2017-2018:

·         The CYC will open September 11th, 2017

·         Operation hours are from 3:30pm until 6:30pm every scheduled school day.

·         We charge parents $2.50 per hour.

·         Fees will be due biweekly.

·         We serve a snack at 3:45pm and dinner at 5:30pm.

·         We offer homework time and incentives to do homework.

·         Find the application at Lincoln, Fred Moodry, the AFRC, or at

·         We offer quality youth development activities, and teach life skills to our members!

·         Contact Gina or Deb at 406-563-7972 for any questions!

















More details on our website at and find us on Facebook!