Stress and Anger Management Classes – 1 staff member. The center offers Stress and Anger Management Classes on a quarterly basis. Stress and Anger Management classes consist of twenty sessions dealing with five triggers. The primary purpose of the classes is to assist people to change patterns of behavior that are inappropriate, counter-productive, and/or dangerous to themselves or others.

Family Strengthening Program

2 staff members

The overall goal of the Anaconda Family Resource Center’s Family Strengthening Program is to promote the safety and well-being of children and families residing in Deer Lodge, Granite, and Powell counties. The Family Strengthening Program is designed to increase the strength and stability of families; increase parents’ confidence and competence in their parenting ability; afford children a safe, stable and supportive family environment; and to otherwise enhance child development. Our staff facilitates these necessary changes through a series of intense services. Services are provided through a referral basis only. Please call 563.7972 for more information.